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Call for Boise presenters opens August 3rd , 2019 and will close December1st, 2019.
RelateCon is seeking engaging and knowledgeable presenters for the Spring 2020 conference.  We welcome submissions from presenters of all experience levels.  We are looking for diverse content on a variety of subjects relating to ethical non-monogamy in practice and theory, relationship skills, and personal development as it relates to enhancing many different types of successful relationships. 
Please use the form below, and include a headshot and bio for website and conference marketing.  RelateCon will notify you of receipt of your submission within two weeks of receiving.  Please contact us at RelateCon@gmail.com with any questions.  
Your proposal should include the full title, the format (workshop, lecture, led discussion, etc.) and a paragraph or two which summarizes your content and objectives.  Please submit up to four proposed classes for us to consider.  If you are asked to present, we will request two to three specific classes from you to present at the conference.  We also ask that you include your website if applicable so that we may learn more about you, as well as share with our attendees!
You will be notified of your  presenter proposal status by December 15th, 2019.  
Thank you! We are so excited to hear from you!!
As soon as we announce Summer 2020 dates for RelateCon Atlanta, we will open our Atlanta call for presenters!  Stay tuned!