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RelateCon Boise 2020


Danielle Billing

"I don’t have “special needs,” I just have needs: one Spoonie’s guide to doing poly while disabled  "

"Postmodern Polyamory: Deconstruction, self-analysis, and survival in the darkest timeline "

Danielle Billing is a chronically ill, queer femme who teaches English Language Arts and drama to Deaf and hard-of-hearing students. She holds a B.A. in Education of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing from Augustana University, and most of a M.A. in Gender, Ethnicity, and Disability in Education from Boise State University. She focuses on critical literacy and arts integration in a bilingual setting, knows two and two-thirds languages, is a published poet, and a mixed-media artist. She has a deaf dog, a black cat, and is really, really tired. Her website is www.theampersandwich.com

Mandee Conant

"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Transitioning Relationships in Non-monogamy"

"Parenting while Poly"

Mandee Conant is the Director of Atlanta Poly Weekend, one of the South’s largest non-monogamy focused conferences, and co-host of the highly acclaimed podcast, Probably Poly. She has been actively poly in various forms and served in numerous poly-roles throughout most of her adult life. Juggling a full time corporate job, as well as the needs of her three children and mulitple partners, has provided her with a very thorough understanding of the need for communication and time management. She has a very hands-on personality whether it’s organizing social functions or managing projects at work. She passionately supports the local alternative lifestyle communities and lends her time and resources, when able, to help plan and host events in the LGBT, kink, and poly communities. Mandee enjoys presenting and has spoken at multiple alternative lifestyle conferences around her hometown of Atlanta, Boise, and Denver. 


"Communication and Problem Solving in Alternative Relationship Dynamics"

"Dildos to Dicks: A User's Guide from a Queer Woman's Perspective"

"Kinky Fandoms!"

Queer. Kinkster. Nerd. Slut. Educator. Activist. Redrobin (she/her) is a Vancouver based international presenter of alternative sexuality and identifies as a queer, kinky, polyamorous, sex/body positive, top heavy switch. She's been involved in her local sex and kink community since 2007. She began teaching lap dancing classes for The Bachelor Plan in 2010, then in 2014 taught her first BDSM class for MVK and was soon teaching regularly for the BDSM, polyamorous, sex, swinger, and queer communities. Formerly Vice President of Metro Vancouver Kink and creator of the Queer and Trans event known as The Rainbow Connection. Her medical background has fueled her passion for the human body and mind, and she enjoys exploring her own as well as others. She wants to give back by helping others discover and explore their sexuality without shame or judgement, and is a firm believer that you should never stop learning!

Judy Wayne

"Seriously? More talk about love languages? Yes!"

Judy Wayne has a passion for teaching in turbulence. Normally that refers to college freshman taking one of the most dreaded classes while trying to figure out how to adult, which may be good practice for working with adults trying to figure out how to make relationships work. Judy has been living a polyamorous life for the last 3 years, though she has known she wasn’t meant for monogamy since puberty.

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Sherri French

"Budget and Organization for Cohabitating Polyamorous Families "

Sherri French is experienced at organizing and budgeting households, comprised of multiple families and individuals. She currently lives in a pod of 15 (7 adults and 8 children); in Nampa, ID, while managing a Massage and Esthetics practice. Communal living is a passion of hers, with over 20 years experience, which offers insights on accomplishing fair and equitable communal household finances and budgeting. Her experience ranges from managing businesses to childcare and home schooling, which include a large daycare facility.

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