RelateCon Boise 2020


Chrissy Holman

“Trying a Triad? Building Ethical Polycules"

"Navigating Sex Positivity in a Sex Negative World"

Chrissy is a queer and polyamorous asexuality educator and activist from NYC. She is president emerita of Open Love NY, the communications lead for the APA Division 44 Consensual Non- Monogamy Task Force, and on the communications team at the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. She recently graduated from Columbia University with her M.S. in Nonprofit Management, after a decade- long stint in the music industry. When she isn’t teaching nationally on ethics, negotiation, asexuality, inclusion, and mental health, she resides on the upper west side with one of her anchor partners and children.

Angie Gunn

“The Synchronicity Toolbox: A new pathway for both monogamous and non-monogamous folks for heart centered relating, emphasizing healing trauma and shifting power dynamics”

“Intentional Decoupling: Managing the trauma of dating transitions, endings and beginnings in non-monogamy”

”Consensual non-monogamy 2.0: Lessons from the past, strategies for the future” 

Angie Gunn LCSW CST, is an unapologetic badass in therapist form. Licensed in Oregon, Angie (she/her) co-owns an in person private practice as well as two digital companies, focused on providing avenues for healing trauma, expanding authenticity and vulnerability, and finding infinite pathways to pleasure and connection. She treats primarily LGBTQIPA+, kinky, non-monogamous, sex worker, and sexual trauma survivor clients through the lenses of intersectionality, social justice, and trauma informed care. As a queer, kinky, non-monogamous abuse survivor, she’s experienced the daily fight to balance personal and professional fulfillment and sexual expression. Through mediation, workshop facilitation and one on one support, her goal is personal integration with all the parts of herself, to provide transformation for all the parts of each of you, your relationships, and your communities.

Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti

“Transcending Shame”

"Survivor 101 for Everyday People: Non-Monogamy Edition"

Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti (she/her) is a poet, public speaker, panelist, singer, photographer, performance artist and long-time artist's model, as well as a former fundamentalist Christian and cult member. She is also a breast cancer survivor. In fact, it was the cancer diagnosis in 2013 that helped her realize how short life is; this served as the catalyst that caused her to come out as sex-positive, bisexual and polyamorous. Gloria has presented at various conferences in the US and Canada, including Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit (Arlington, VA), Poly Living (Loving More) Conference (Philadelphia, PA), Rocky Mountain Poly Living (Loving More) Conference (Denver, CO), and Polytopia (Portland, OR). You can find Gloria on Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( She lives in Seattle, WA.

CeCe Berman

"Identity, Intersectionality, and Inclusivity in Polyamory Groups"

"Trans, Intersex, POC, Pan/bi & Polyamorous AMA (ask me anything) "   

CeCe Berman (they/them, he/him) is an intersex non-binary transmasculine educator who is active in the Utah polyamory and LGBTQ+ community. They co-lead the LGBTQ+ group at their workplace. CeCe has strived to create a more intersectional approach to education about LGBTQ+ issues since being involved in leadership of Queer activist groups in college and in law school. They post regularly on public social media about their own transition and experiences as an intersex person in an effort to educate, humanize, and demystify with nuance.  

Mel Cassidy

“The Monogamy Hangover"

"Navigating Complex Relationship Dynamics: aka Why Is This Threesome So Complicated? "

Mel is a sex-positive relationship nerd who guides social misfits and cultural rebels to experiences of joyful, embodied, authentic open relationships. Mel is certified in Counselling for Intimacy and Relationships, Holistic Peer Counselling, and is a ZEGG Forum facilitator. They are a student of the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sexology, and pursue education focused on trauma-informed approaches to the mind-body relationship. With over two decades of experience teaching and facilitating in groups small and large, Mel has a reputation for innovation, novelty, and both thinking and living outside the box. Mel writes a blog— Polysingleish— about their journey in Solo Polyamory, and is the creator of The Monogamy Detox program. Mel is queer, and experiences relationships as a solo polyamorous individual, and lives, loves, and dances on the traditional and unceded territories of the K'ómoks Nation in British Columbia, Canada.

Mike Pumphrey

“Personal finance and the heart: An emotionally-focused money workshop"


Mike Pumphrey (he/him) is an educator, coach, blogger, and public speaker based in Portland, OR, who has been working in the intersection of personal finance and emotions for as long as he has had both personal finance and emotions; that is to say, quite a long time. Mike guides people from a place of financial anxiety to a place of wellness using education, motivation, and often terrible humor. He has a passion for helping those people with unconventional lifestyles, as those people are often underrepresented in the financial space, and there's just no reason for that. His goal is to get people unstuck and moving forward in their lives. Mike blogs at Empathic Finance and has recently launched Poly Financial Coach at

Mandee Conant

"Choose  Your Own Adventure: Open Discussion Group"

Mandee Conant (she/her) is co-host of the highly acclaimed podcast Probably Poly, as well as the Director/Producer of RelateCon-Atlanta. She has been actively poly in various forms and served in numerous poly-roles throughout most of her life. Mandee juggles a full-time corporate job, the needs of 3 children, and multiple partners on top of the community work she provides. She passionately supports the local alternative lifestyle communities and lends her time and resources, when able, to help plan and host events in the LGBT, kink, and poly communities. Mandee enjoys presenting and has spoken at multiple alternative lifestyle conferences and collectives around her hometown of Atlanta, along with Boise and Denver. She hopes that sharing her candid stories and life experiences gives people a unique perspective into relationships and possibly a connection they were looking to find.

Daniel Schmidt

“Trauma Bites"

"Boundaries and Horizons How do we shape our relationships, and how do we direct them? "

Dan (he/his) has been learning how to do this polyamory thing since 1974. That does not mean he will pretend he's any better at loving than anyone else. He works as a somatic practitioner in Salt Lake City, and serves on the council of the Utah Polyamory Society.

Heather Franck

"Don't Leave Your Baggage At The Door"

"Good Things Take Time: Bullet Journaling for your Poly Pod  "  

Heather Franck is an artist best known for her adult coloring book, Polyamory is Sketchy. She co-leads polyQ (aka QuiP) with Jocelyn Johnson, a social and support network for queers in polyamory. Heather has presented on inclusion at Atlanta Poly Weekend and genderevolution. She is passionate about LGBTQ visibility and educational outreach. Please check out the mission of the Queer Visibility Campaign at, recently financially supported by the Pride Foundation. Heather practices hierarchical polyamory with her primary partner and femme girlfriend in Idaho, who all co-parent their sweet baby Makana.

Crystal Byrd Farmer

"Creating Diverse Communities"


Crystal Byrd Farmer (she/her) is an engineer turned educator from North Carolina. As the website editor for Black & Poly, she helps promote healthy polyamorous relationships for people of color. Her book The Token: Common Sense Ideas for Increasing Diversity in Your Organization will be available Fall 2020.

Rebecca Hiles

"Navigating Sex Positivity in  a Sex Negative World"

Rebecca Hiles (they/them) is a dating, relationships, and sexual wellness coach called The Frisky Fairy ( ). They are the co-author of the book "It's called Polyamory" Coming Out About Your Nonmonogamous Relationships. They are a member and contributor to the Gentle Perverts Social Club podcast, and contribute their voice when they can. They are a writer who addresses issues of polyamory, cancer, sex education, and mental illness. Rebecca has spoken at CatalystCon East, West, and Midwest, Poly For All Seasons, AwesomeCon, Rocky Mountain Poly Living, Atlanta Poly Weekend, InfinityCon, Sex Down South, DragonCon, and Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. They were voted one of the Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2014 and 2015. They are a member of the Poly Leadership Network, and is certified as a sex educator through Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts. They are currently seeking their Master's in Social Work, with a specialization in Mental Health and Sexuality at Temple University with an expected graduation date of May 2020.

Gregory Backes

""Polyamorous Success, goals, and looking towards the future."  

"Poly saturated Vs. Poly Satisfied"

Greg Backes (he/him) is the hinge of a Poly V. He has been in a committed relationship for 15 years with his partner Jennifer and with his other Patricia for 4 years. Greg has been practicing some form of ethical non-monogomy for over 25 years. But he is the first to admit he hasn’t always gotten it right, and has made more than his fair share of mistakes. Professionally, Greg is an instructor and training department Supervisor in the trades fields. Using his work skills to share his polyamorous experience and learn from others. He saw a need in the community for discussion and while he does not claim his topics are original, the topics are issues he often sees brought up in the polyamorous community. In October 2017, He founded and Moderates Kitsap Poly Topic Social, a local polyamorous discussion and support group in Bremerton Washington sponsored by Kitsap Alternative Community Education Society (Kitsap ACES)

Mr.L and Fionna

“The Thrifty Top”

“The Art of Co-Topping”

Mr.L (she/her), a sensual sadist, and Fionna (she/her), a feisty Femme kinkster, have enjoyed dominating the BDSM leather scene together for the better part of a decade.  They started their journey at Leather Alley in San Francisco and have traveled to many established communities across various states.  Living in the lifestyle 24/7, these girls know the importance of business meeting pleasure by attending lifestyle education classes, street fairs, leather competitions, conferences and dungeon parties.  They have a passion for continual education and growth and love to see their community thrive in Boise, Idaho.

Libby Sinback

“Saying "I'm Sorry" is the First Step”

"When the Sex Stops"

"Connect through Conflict"

Libby Sinback (she/her) is a coach, sought-after educator, and host of the podcast, Making Polyamory Work. Libby helps individuals, couples, and polycules who want to break out of harmful relationship patterns and rewrite their broken scripts from childhood and culture to embrace nourishing, authentic, boundless love in their life. Libby is trained in Relational Life Therapy and the Gottman Method, and her coaching is laser-focused on getting quickly to the heart of the heart of the heart of what is in the way for her clients, and so they can move past what is limiting them and into a more relational way of being. Libby believes love is why we are here and how we heal, and that relationships are at the core of our wellbeing as humans.


"Embracing Your Primal Side"

"Pain Processing for the Nerdy"

"It Was Knife Knowing You!"

Queer. Kinkster. Nerd. Slut. Educator. Activist.  Redrobin (she/her) is an international sex educator, intimacy and relationship coach, speaker, performer, and activist based in Vancouver, Canada. She is the author of Call Me Holly: My Years on the Pole and Polyglamorous: A Queer Mom's Misadventures and Lessons in Non-Monogamy. Her unique background as a nurse, stripper, Pro Domme, and Vice President of Metro Vancouver Kink has fueled her passions to help normalize and explore human sexuality. Learn more about Robin’s work at and

Rev. Amanda Ganley

“Embodying Love”

"Self Care in Relationships"

"Authenticity in Life and Love"

Rev. Amanda Ganley (she/her) is an Independent New Thought Minister and Licensed Spiritual Practitioner. She speaks about the practices of being spiritual but not religious, living empowered and meaningful lives, and loving in a wholehearted and full-bodied authenticity. Amanda is passionate about creating safe space for others to authentically express who they are. As a spiritual counselor, life coach and teacher, she celebrates diversity within community, relationship styles, family models and the gifts of all individuals. She has an open and non-judgmental approach to supporting others as they work to make positive changes in their own lives and in the world.​Rev. Amanda is an engaging speaker who has over five years of experience speaking in spiritual community. Her ability to nurture and guide others into a wholehearted realization of their own gifts is some of her greatest work. She practices affirmative prayer, various styles of mindfulness and meditation, and utilizes many tools from a variety of spiritual traditions to guide clients and audiences into wonder filled and awe-inspired experiences during workshops, lectures and one-on-one coaching sessions. Most recently, Amanda's ministry has been focused on Relationship Diversity and Relationship as Spiritual Practice. She has a social media presence and a podcast titled The Poly Priestess.

Ashley Robertson

“The Circles of Sexuality: Explore your complex sexual self "

"Blindfolded Condom Contests & A Discussion of STIs"

"BDSM 101"

Ashley (she/her) looks like an edgy, white lady; she doesn't look like a teacher. She is a teacher. With three teaching degrees, she's an educator who is fed up with the idea that learning comes from a teacher. Instead, she crafts workshops and activities that invite introspection and curiosity while accommodating for all learners. She's at her happiest when demonstrating consent with youngsters, guiding youth into comfort surrounding condoms and barriers, and facilitating discussion to answer questions with radical honesty. And what about her sexuality? Ashley identifies as a feminine, bi-curious, ethically polyamourous, sexual submissive. With over a decade of experience in the BDSM scene, she isn't shy of perverse topics. She is a liberated, ethical slut who wishes to share with others the freedom of exploring sexuality bravely.

Jennifer Carlston

“Red Light Green Light”

Software Architect by day, Relationship Slut by night. Jennifer D. Carlston (she/her) enjoys learning in all its forms. She's been employed in the tech world since high school and has learned a lot while growing up in a male-dominated culture and a male-dominated field in Utah. The patterns and practices she's learned while relating with others have helped her to thrive in every other aspect of her life. She's been a silent part of the LGBTQ+poly community since she was 19. Prior to that her family ran a sports school for children that exposed her to experiences and people from many walks of life. She likes to explore, play and make with family and friends - outdoors, arduino, creative writing, visual arts, and song.

Danielle Billing

"I Don’t Have “Special Needs,” I Just Have Needs: One Spoonie’s Guide to Doing Poly While Disabled  "

"Postmodern Polyamory: Deconstruction, Self-analysis, and Survival in the Darkest tTmeline "

"bell hooks Saved My lLfe."

Danielle Billing  (she/her) is a chronically ill, queer femme who teaches English Language Arts and drama to Deaf and hard-of-hearing students. She holds a B.A. in Education of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing from Augustana University, and most of a M.A. in Gender, Ethnicity, and Disability in Education from Boise State University. She focuses on critical literacy and arts integration in a bilingual setting, knows two and two-thirds languages, is a published poet, and a mixed-media artist. She has a deaf dog, a black cat, and is really, really tired. Her website is

Kevin Carlson

“Consent : The Foundation of Everything”

""Curious About Canes?"

 Kevin (he/him) has been involved in the kink/poly/non-monogamy world for over 25 years. He is politically minded, volunteering and being on the board of directors for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom for over 12 years. For 5 of those years as Board Chair of the NCSF. Consent is something near and dear to Kevin. He loves the study of and teaching about consent within the bounds of interactions and relationships. “Consent is all around us, we just have to become aware”. He was past events coordinator for Boise Pride doing his best to provide a safe space for people to explore who they are.


“Rope Foundations”

"Bondage for Play and Sex"

Tempo (he/him) is a traveling kinkster who visits different communities and different countries to learn from the resident experts and masters of different journeys of kink. He takes what he learns to bring back to his present home community in Boise, ID where he hosts Boise Rope Jam. He primarily seeks out rope instructors to help guide him on his journey of rope artistry. True to his name, much of his play involves weaving music into his scenes. Whether it be occupational- or kink-related, his true calling is teaching. Outside the kink community, Tempo teaches for a regionally accredited college and manages the school's curriculum. Inside the community, he is often found serving whatever city he finds himself in as an instructor, a volunteer, a dungeon monitor, medical staff, or consent incident responder.


“Violet Wand 101"

"Violet Wand 201"

After spending several years living in Europe while serving in the US military Eibon (he/him) returned to the States and began an informal study of the dark side of the mind, and  in 2006 he officially entered the BDSM scene.  By late 2007 he had purchased his first electrical gear and was off and running, giving demonstrations not too long after.His presentations range from the serious to the   absurd, often reflecting the energy of the audience. Over the years Eibon has presented at events including Frolicon, Kinkfest and Westcoast Bound.  

Mel Mosely

“Sexology: The Musical! "

Mel Moseley (MA, Theatre Arts) is a theatre artist, musician, facilitator, and instructor. Mel (she/her) is a member of Sex Positive Portland and Sex Positive World and has been practicing ethical non-monogamy for nine years. In the spring and summer of 2019 she toured her show “Sexology: The Musical!” from Portland, OR to Portland, ME winning “Best in Show” awards in Boulder, CO and Portland, ME. Her mission is to “spread the gospel of sex-positivity!” She identifies as solo-poly and lives with her triad in Portland, OR. She has been teaching adult learners for more than 25 years. Her focus is on consent; boundaries; communication; relationship-building; and becoming your authentic, honest, and vulnerable self.

Marco Martemucci

"Trying a Triad? Building Ethical Polycules"

Marco is the co-founder of Brooklyn Poly Roundtable, a monthly polyamory discussion group. He is -- along with Chrissy Holman -- the co-author and co-presenter of the “Ethical Triad Formation” workshop, presented in New York and Philadelphia. He holds degrees in biology, philosophy, ethics and law. In addition to practicing law in California and New York, Marco presents on ethics and negotiation skills, and supports his local polyamorous communities. 

Melissa Cortes

“Loving Differently: An Introduction to Consensual Non-monogamy and its benefits"

Melissa Cortes, M. Ed. (she/her) is an educator, a feminist, a speaker, a writer and activist for equality. She specializes is teaching interpersonal communication as well as teaching communication through arts. Living an alternative lifestyle for more than 15 years has provided many opportunities to expand her own knowledge and share what she has learned with others. Raising an amazing 11yo human and teaching her to love without boundaries has allowed Melissa to further develop her knowledge of communication and how to navigate multi-partner romance and raise kids.

Judy Wayne

"Introverts Thrive"

"Wheel of Consent"

Judy (she/her) has known that monogamy isn’t her thing since puberty and has been living a polyamorous lifestyle with her partner of 8 years for the past 4 years. She and her partner have made a lot of changes over those 8 years and learned a multitude of new things about themselves in the process. As a professional educator, Judy enjoys sharing tidbits of her journey and the knowledge that has helped her and her relationships grow over the years.

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