Professional Track

RelateCon is an exciting annual conference in the Pacific Northwest with a dedicated track which focuses on preparing professionals to recognize and empower healthy relationships across a myriad of non-monogamous configurations.  RelateCon provides a unique and supportive gathering place for professionals to connect through educational workshops, social spaces, and opportunities for networking as they explore the experiences of people living in polyamorous and non-monogamous relationships.  This conference is designed to offer participants a variety of ways to explore this growing field of practice. 


  • Two  Days ($349), consisting of six Continuing Education Hours including two hours of ethics.  Lunch provided.

  • Single Day - Friday or Saturday ($199) consisting of six Continuing Education Hours (per day) including 2 hours of ethics.  Lunch provided.

    • There are a limited number of scholarships available to students and new graduates.  Email for application.


Friday 9 – 4 (Six hours CEUs, one hour lunch provided)

Saturday  9 – 4 (Six hours CEUs, one hour lunch provided)


RelateCon is excited to be able to offer a Professional Track which will provide a wide variety of education and opportunities for professionals such as counselors, therapists, social workers, legal professionals, teachers, and others, to have access to a foundation of knowledge in order to enhance their respective professions, and allow them to better serve their clients who may be dealing with issues within the realm of polyamory and ethical non-monogamy.  Dr. Misty Wall, the Professional Track Coordinator for RelateCon, will be offering the opportunity for professionals to earn continuing education units (CEUs) for their individual disciplines.  


At the end of the conference you will:

  • Be able to explain the history of polyamory and ethical non-monogamy

  • Understand the prevalence of polyamory and ethical non-monogamy in society

  • Have knowledge of common language and constellations in polyamorous relationships and families

  • Recognize and foster healthy polyamorous and ethically non-monogamous relationships

  • Understand the diversity of poly constellations including gender, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

  • Identify common experiences and concerns among polyamorous people including jealousy, coming out, parenting, setting and negotiating relationship parameters,boundaries, and agreements, divorce/break-ups.

  • Identify and apply various poly-sensitive and poly-positive interventions at various levels of service (social, legal, emotional, academic, etc.).

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     Dr. Misty Wall is the Professional Track Coordinator for RelateCon, and has built her professional career around her belief that human relationships are essential to the way we interpret and navigate the world. 

Dr. Wall has worked professionally in the field of social work for almost 20 years.

In 1998, while completing her undergraduate work in the Bachelors of Social Work program at University of North Texas,  she began her professional exploration of relationships of all kinds, especially those among marginalized groups or living on the “fringes” of society,  including those living with HIV and AIDS, sex-positive, kink, queer, and polyamorous populations. In 2000, while at the University of Texas at Arlington, she completed a dual masters degree in science and social work with an emphasis on children and families. In 2003 she earned a clinical social work license.  In 2007 Dr. Wall earned a doctorate (PhD) at the University of Texas at Arlington where her research and practice focus was understanding the experiences and challenges of those who identified outside of the sexual binary.  Her dissertation research was Ecological Correlates of  Reproductive Decision Making Among Lesbian Women.  She has written extensively about the challenges and strengths of persons in the LGBTQ community.  Her work has been featured numerous peer reviewed journals including, but not limited to, Advances in Social Work, Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work, and the Journal GLBT Family Studies


Professionally, Dr. Wall has worked with individuals and families in crisis, survivors of trauma, forensic social work including providing expert opinions on the best interest of children, and other aspects of human behavior.  She taught at a major university in Idaho for seven years and currently owns a counseling agency, Dr. Wall & Associates, in Meridian, Idaho. She specializes in providing individual and group counseling services, clinical supervision to new social workers and counselors, and education to helping professionals, and the community. 


Dr. Wall lives in Idaho, is the parent of three children, and is an advocate for equality and freedom of choice in all aspects of life. 

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