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Boise, Idaho

RelateCon Atlanta


Atlanta, Georgia

RelateCon Community:    The decision has been made to cancel the Boise conference in 2021. 

Refund requests will be granted, less 7$ per ticket to help cover RelateCon's fees on Ticket Tailor and Paypal. IF YOU NEED TO REQUEST A REFUND: Send an email to

Include your name and your PAYPAL EMAIL. If you purchased more than three months ago, RelateCon will need to issue your refund directly to your Paypal as a payment. Please be patient as I will be managing this process alone.

If you are financial position to donate your registration in order to help offset the heavy financial blow to the RelateCon producer (which is just me), please consider allowing your registration to be used for the non-refundable deposits and costs that I am absorbing.  I am personally grateful for all consideration. RelateCon is not a for-profit organization, there are not multiple financial backers, there is zero surplus budget from year to year, and I don't want to see RelateCon end.  I hope it will return in 2022, one way or another, but I can't promise this.  

Thanks, friends ❤️


 RelateCon is a three day international conference, focusing on polyamory and ethical non-monogamy, including education, social events, and networking.  

Check back for updates.


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